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The NOMATIC Travel Duffel Bag (40L)




Our Innovative strap system allows you to switch between backpack and duffel in seconds and have no dangling straps.
The NOMATIC Vacuum Bag is included with every travel set and is both water proof and air tight. This added feature will help you pack all you need in half the space, leaving more room for other travel essentials.
In addition to the vacuum bag, a laundry bag comes with each travel bag to complete the set. When closed, the laundry bag was designed to fit perfectly inside the door of the shoe compartment of your travel bag. When you arrive at your destination, the laundry bag expands and hangs on a door knob so you can easily toss dirty clothes in. When the trip is over and the laundry bag is full, it will fit back into your travel bag perfectly and keep your dirty clothes separate and organized.
The NOMATIC Travel Bag is equipped with an RFID safe pocket and a TSA approved lock. This “mini safe” keeps your scannable and valuable items safe during travel from pickpockets, room service, and other potential threats.
Perfect place to safely travel with valuables and RFID scannable items.
Perfect place to safely travel with valuables and RFID scannable items.
TSA Approved lock included.
TSA Approved lock included.
The padded and secure laptop pocket allows you to leave your backpack or laptop bag behind and travel like a pro with just one bag. The laptop pocket can hold a 15" laptop comfortably. Plus with the airport security friendly design, you won't have to take your laptop out of the pocket.  Just open the bag and lay the main compartment door flat (as shown in the second image below) and you will be good to go.  
 Keep your tablet accessible and safe in this easy access padded pocket found on the inside of the main compartment door. The secure velcro flap was designed with a slot to allow you to charge your tablet on the go with a power bank while keeping it secure.
Located at the top of the bag is a water bottle pocket lined with a water proof material to allow you to stay hydrated on the road while keeping all of your belongings dry in case of a leak.
If you travel with a roller bag, The NOMATIC Travel Bag will be the perfect companion. We have designed a built in durable sleeve to fit over the handle of your roller bag.
The exterior of the NOMATIC Travel Bag is a durable 100% water-proof tarpaulin material. Tarpaulin is commonly used on rugged outdoor bags because of its ability to endure and stay strong in harsh conditions.
 We have also integrated waterproof zippers into the exterior of the bag to keep your gear protected in the rain and snow.
This bag features a large opening into the main compartment which gives you easy access and visibility for packing.  The shoe, socks, and underwear compartments help you to stay organized. In addition, the strong tarpaulin material holds its shape to make packing easier.
 Put 1 or 2 pairs of shoes in the shoe compartment, and socks, underwear or a light jacket in the upper compartment, and still have plenty of room for everything else.
On the bottom of the bag we have included a shoe compartment where you can easily fit up to two pairs of shoes. (2 pairs of U.S. size 12 fit comfortably inside)
On the top of the bag is a similar compartment to the shoe compartment where you can keep socks, underwear, or even a light jacket for easy access when you get cold while traveling.  These compartments were designed to help you organize your packing rather than just stuffing everything into one big pocket like most duffel bags.
At 21" x 14" x 9" inches this bag meets domestic and international carry-on standards.
At 21" x 14" x 9" inches this bag meets domestic and international carry-on standards.
Keep your phone, sunglasses, and other valuables protected in this soft fleece-lined pocket on the top side of the bag.
With this combination of mesh, fleece-lined, and zipper pockets, you can keep your cords, power banks, laptop chargers and any other odds and ends right where you need them.
The side pocket is sized to hold a BASICS Notebook or any other book of a similar size (roughly 5.5" x 8.75")
When the bag is worn in backpack mode, this pocket is easily accessible, making it the perfect place for frequently needed travel documents.  Also, because it is positioned with the zipper close to your back it makes it more difficult for pickpockets to access this zipper undetected.
Carrying your luggage can become painful and heavy, so we added a very comfortable handle to make your interactions with the bag as enjoyable as possible.
Last but not least we have added a sternum strap for added comfort and support.