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5 Ways Livefunding Makes Kickstarter More Awesome for You

From a smart egg that can control every appliance in your home to phone cases that defy gravity, Kickstarter has it all. However, one of the biggest drawbacks to the site is that you can’t experience the product with your own hands… which sometimes results in unfulfilled expectations. 
Live-funding is set to change all of that. Here’s five reasons why.
  1. You get to touch and feel the product in real life

    Instead of viewing a Kickstarter project through a monitor, live-funding lets you to touch and experience a real, working prototype straight from its creator. Fiddle and fondle it to your heart’s content – just so you’re totally sure you’re into it.
  1. Back the project on the spot

    After getting to know the product – and we mean really getting to know it – if you’re really digging it, you can fund the project right there on the spot, and maybe score some freebies while you’re at it.
  1. Suss out how legit the project really is

    You’ve definitely seen a really cool Kickstarter project being shared online before – but maybe you weren’t sure how legit it was (a quick search of failed Kickstarter projects brings up several cases of disappearing creators and disgruntled customers). At a live-funding event, you can evaluate how authentic the project is for yourself.
  1. Meet the creators themselves

    Most creators are regular people just like you and I – so it’ll be cool to chat them up and share your thoughts about their projects with them. Who knows? The feedback you give them could end up making it into the final product.
  1. Check out cool new projects you’ve never seen before

    Live-funding events bring together the most promising Kickstarter projects that are coming up – chances are, you’re sure to find something that you like at a live-funding event. With so many new inventions popping up on Kickstarter, there’s a product or invention for everyone from your caffeine-obsessed co-worker to your tech-challenged mom.