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BOLDR Journey Timepieces


The BOLDR Journey watch was built to accompany you on every step of your journey. So strap one on and begin your adventure.

At BOLDR, we’re dedicated to building lasting products that accompany you on your journey through life. We’re proud of our high-standards of quality, and trademark style. In each BOLDR Watch, you'll find that:

Boldness runs deep: BOLDR watches are always more than meets the eye - each product is engineered to look good, while also being functional in more ways than one. 

Sense of spirit: Each BOLDR watch possesses a unique personality, something that makes it as unique as you are. For example, the BOLDR watch line comes with a unique caseback art that ties into the spirit and personality of each timepiece

Style and substance: BOLDR watches are always produced to exacting quality, while looking pretty damn good too. Meticulously designed and always delivered in a distinct, stylish package - we can’t wait for you to unbox it for the first time.

BOLDR Journey Chronograph Warhawks: Black Vintage Brown dial with Dark Bourbon strap

Watch Movement

The Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz Movement is a hybrid of quartz and mechanical movement for the chronograph, combining the best of both technologies. The timekeeping mechanism is quartz, with a crystal regulator, powered by a battery. This gives the watch a mechanical feel, while still containing a quartz crystal so you never miss a tick.