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Evie Blender - The Makeup Blender, Evolved

The Evie Blender™ gives you everything you love about a makeup blender, without any of the things you don't.


The Evie Blender™ difference:

  • Made from medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone.
  • Doesn't absorb makeup like a blender made from foam, so you use less product and save money.
  • Washes off quickly with warm water and soap or just a makeup wipe.
  • No more makeup stains stuck on your blender no matter how many times you wash it!
  • Textured surface applies makeup just like a traditional sponge blender providing a perfect blended finish.
  • Soft as skin.
  • Lasts for over a year with proper care.
  • Doesn't hold on to makeup residue that can harbor bacteria and cause breakouts.
  • Provides a wider base for coverage of larger areas and a smaller pointed end to get under the eyes and in small areas.
  • Can even be sanitized in boiling water or cleaned with rubbing alcohol.
  • Eco-friendly compared to foam blenders and sponges. No more throwing sponges out every couple of months!