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MyAntenna P1s

Taking measurements always seems to be a two men job. Tangled tape measure, approximations, inadequacies. We've all been there. P1s is here to change the game.  It's the ultimate measuring tool designed to make life easier for those who need to accurately and quickly measure items daily.

P1s is a highly accurate, fast and easy-to-use laser measurement tool. Forget the bulky, complicated laser distance meters and discover a beginners-friendly, high-specs tool, which measures up to all life’s challenges. 

Don't just take our word for it!

Enjoy a two-fingers-on grip and get your measurements with a click of an ergonomic side button. Awesome!  

Switch between modes and get the readings you need in a fast and precise manner.

Hands up if you love going through manuals? So we thought. Save yourself a measurement-headache and easily switch between different modes with a click of a button.

 Let the numbers speak for themselves.

We wouldn't say P1s is different. It's unique. So what exactly makes it stand out? 

Our special smart switch add-on gives you the extra edge for a more precise alignment, which can make all the difference. Made from a sensor and magnetic base it can be conveniently attached or detached with ease.

 Use P1s as a remote control to take measurements in hard to reach spots and difficult conditions, and say goodbye to tangled tape measures. Simply double click to go into auto fetch mode, place it on the starting point, and walk to endpoint. In just 10 seconds your measurement data will be available.

 Do you work as an interior design consultant, architect, or garden planner? 

Measure your clients expectations in an elegant and timely manner.

Quantity surveying, construction area, or engineer ...everywhere where numbers come first.

Planning a major house redecoration? 

Don’t second guess your furniture choices, P1s fits into your pocket or purse letting you measure both at home and in store. Have that built-in wardrobe fitted to perfection.

Measure up to life’s challenges. 

Presentation pointer, your child’s growth guard or something you and your cat can bond over. Make it yours.

Stable Performance: More reliable thanks to its ergonomic design. Say goodbye to tangled tape measures, and rows of confusing buttons.

Precision Lens: Proving that user-friendly doesn’t have to mean compromising on functionalities.

Sensitive Electronic Level: Measuring with a laser requires either the use of a level or some sort of level surface to work off and it's surprising how far off your measurements can be if you don't use the level properly. 

 The electronic level on this tool is more accurate (0.1°), more intuitive, and more environmentally friendly than the bubble.

Brilliant Display: Our OLED display offers easy and convenient readings even in dark or extremely bright environments, and the SmartScreen lets you easily see the readings from each and every angle.

Portable: Don't you think? 

Accessorize with our range of add-ons.

Smart Switch (Optional)

Most of us would still rather use a traditional measure type over a laser device when measuring for small surfaces - our smart switch add-on gives you the extra edge for a more precise alignment. 

Wrist Strap (Optional)

Tripod Interface (Optional)

 A 1/4" - 20 tripod interface, although not necessary for smooth use, will offer extra stability, for best results when measuring long distances, keep your dot steady with a tripod, which is particularly handy with indirect measurements.