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Rocketbook Beacons

Launch any whiteboard into the cloud with four restickable beacons!

Introducing Rocketbook Beacons!  Now available!



Rocketbook Beacons allow you to capture, organize and "snapcast" important notes, diagrams, and big ideas on any whiteboard or wall surface in real-time. No need for expensive new hardware and software. Just four restickable Rocketbook Beacons for any sized surface and one futuristic smartphone app that connects with many of the popular cloud services you already use!


It's so easy! Place the four restickable Rocketbook Beacons in each corner of any size whiteboard, and start writing the way you normally would. Then, using your free Rocketbook app, scan your whiteboard. The space aged machine vision will “see” the Rocketbook Beacons and quickly capture your whiteboard from any angle!


For crucial missions with a scattered crew, the app allows you to cast your whiteboard in real-time. Switch to “Snapcast Mode," share the unique URL and get ready to collaborate with your team anywhere in the world. Your private, real-time page is updated every time you scan your whiteboard. Or simply prop your phone facing your whiteboard and set the app to auto-scan every 5 seconds.